Monday, May 2, 2011

To censor or not to censor.

Today I read a question posed by Suzanne McMinn in her great Chickens in the Road website. She was asking her followers whether it would be best to delete nasty and/or snide comments posted by nasty/snide people and whether she herself should censor her own posts when they referred to sad or unfortunate incidents on her farm.
I voted for her not to delete the unpleasant comments, hers or otherwise.  I think that whatever happens on her farm is interesting, not only the nice parts. I also believe that we, her followers, are all grown up enough to deal with the fact that nasty people and things happen every day, and I suddenly realized that I actually enjoy reading those comments and wondering what sort of day those people are having. Or what makes them be that way. When I was young I naively thought that everyone could get along by just talking; I know now that some people enjoy being nasty and making others feel bad.
Profound, isn't it?

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